Data Manager - Database Management Add-in for Excel

Forms used to update and add records to your database
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Do you need a user-friendly, powerful, and multipurpose program to store, edit and retrieve your data? Do you currently house your data in Excel worksheets as Data Lists? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Data Manager is the tool to meet all of your data management needs. Data Manager is an Excel add-in that enables you to transform worksheets into tables and create customized forms all within the familiar Excel environment. Data Manager has a robust set of data validation options to ensure that only valid data is added to your database. With Data Manager you can leverage Excel's numerous database related features for further data analysis and reporting. If you currently use Excel Data Lists to store data, you can quickly and easily convert them into Data Manager tables. For efficient mass mailing, you can use data stored in your Data Manager database as the source for Mail Merge in Word to quickly and easily generate form letters, invoices, mailing labels, envelopes and contact directories along with mass e-mail and fax distributions.

Ease of use

Data Manager uses a wizard-like process to walk the user through the steps of creating your database and forms. In no time you will be ready to start using your database. Should you have questions or want to make use of some of the advanced features along the way, you can consult the comprehensive help file that comes with the software.

Powerful Features

Data Manager provides the user with a number of valuable features. With Data Manager you can create a simple database with a single table or a complex database containing multiples tables (up to 20). You can also designate relationships between tables. In addition to the ability to create multiple tables, you can create multiple customized forms for each table. Each form consists of fields (from a single or multiple tables), customizable command buttons, and or user-defined labels. Data Manager offers a wide range of different types of controls for data entry to choose from including list controls and check boxes. Along with the typical database related tasks (e.g. saving data), command buttons can be assigned functions that provide you with added capabilities to interact with the database or the Excel environment. For example you could have a command button that opens another form or runs an Excel macro. Users with knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications can create macros for command buttons that read data from a form, process that data and then return data to the form. Data Manager also includes a query reporting tool that allows you to display data that meets a particular criterion.

Data Validation

Data entered inaccurately into your database can hurt your business and your bottom line. Data Manager provides several methods for ensuring that the data is entered correctly the first time. Input controls restrict the user to entering certain data or data of a specified type. For example, drop down list boxes can be configured so that the user can only select data from a pre-defined list or e-mail controls that only accept data in e-mail format. Data validation settings limit data to a particular data type, within a particular range, or in relation to a particular value (e.g. greater than $12.00). These include the Numeric data type which prevents the user from entering data that is not in a numeric format.

Leveraging Excel Functions

Excel has a wide array of useful features that allow to you to analyze and manipulate your database (See the Excel help file for details and to learn more about what features are available). These include:  

  • Sorting tables by any combination of fields in ascending or descending order
  • Filter data by any combination of fields
  • Import data from multiple sources
  • Create fields that contain formulas
  • Subtotals
  • Group data according to specific criteria
  • Advanced data selection using Microsoft Query
  • Pivot Chart and Tables
  • And much more...

For a more detailed listing of features and benefits offered by Data Manager you can go to our features page. If you want to try Data Manager out, download the 45 day trial version for free.

Should you have a need for special features not included in Data Manager, we would be happy to review your request and work with you to customize the software to meet your needs at a very reasonable rate. We also can help if you need assistance with designing your database. To request additional services you can contact us

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